Children’s Feedback

What children say about paws .b

“It’s helped me be more peaceful.”

“It has made me more confident.”

“It has helped me become less afraid of scary activities.”

“It helped me get on with friend problems and made me happier.”

“It helps me to not get stressed or anxious with my family and going on stage.”

“It has helped me to concentrate.”

“It has helped me control, calm, relax and changed my mood (sad to happy).”

“I enjoyed learning different methods for when you’re worrying. I enjoyed having a time to be calm. It has helped me to deal with different emotions, and I realize why it is happening. It has taught me lots about the brain and I like that.”

“It helped me learn that laughter can be shared.”

“Every day now I am calm and happy! Thank you for that!”


Feedback is given anonymously, so the children feel they can be completely honest.